5000 Series

Center Pivot Irrigation Solution for Production Agriculture

Product Features -

  • Single-phase power available
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • 4-leg drive unit with braces
  • Welded sprinkler coupler
  • Forged truss rod heads
  • Uniform pipeline and truss rod crowns maintain even distribution of loads
  • Tight contact of truss rod head in socket for even loading
  • Polyurethane flange gaskets for longer, leak-free life
  • Riser and lower elbow options allow integration of Seametrics Flowmeter or Nelson Valve into riser pipe, and Clemons filter option instead of lower elbow

Specifications -

Pivot point options: 6 5/8", Small Field

Maximum machine length: 820'

Maximum towing length: 660'

Pipe diameter options: 5"

Span length options: 112.5' - 202.5'

Overhang options: 19.2' - 55.9'

Towable pivot point options: 3-Point Hitch, 2-Wheel E-Z Tow, 4-Wheel E-Z Tow

Booster pump options: 1 HP single phase, 2 HP

Tire size options: 11.2-24, 11-22.5 Recap, 14,9-24, Firestone Champion Hydro ND (14.9-24)