Proven Technology to Gain Valuable Irrigated Acres

Every acre of land is valuable, and the Valley Precision Corner has proven its worth time and time again on farmland across the country. Our Precision Corner turns once difficult-to-irrigate corners into green crops, helping you earn more green by boosting your bottom line, no matter what you grow. 

Product Features -

  • Option of Single Frequency RTK GPS Guidance or Multi Frequency GPS Guidance
  • Water transfer connection and hose eliminates pressure-robbing 90 degree turns
  • Patented perpendicular base beam and wider wheelbase increases stability
  • Operator platform allows easy access to operator interface panel
  • Service/run rocker switch permits quick and easy recovery from a safety shutdown without a service call
  • Angle sensor assures proper water application in corners
  • Patented Valley corner control panel
  • Diagnostics displayed on LED screen
  • Indicator lights display machine status, tension, and compression
  • Patented chemigate/irrigate selection switch allows the use of a fixed-rate injection pump to apply crop chemicals and fertilizers uniformly
  • Patented, optional Water Utilization Package allows for maximum water application uniformity in selected applications

Specifications -

Pipe diameter options: 6 5/8"

Corner length options: 267' - 287'

Tire size options: 11.2-24.5, 11-24, 11.2-38, 14.9-24, 16.9-24, 18.4-26, 18.4R26

Span connection: Ball and socket

Crop clearance profile options: Low and standard